Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The end of the first week

Well, today is my first break from J-Term class and work. What a relief it is. The past week has been very difficult to get through in some senses, but I have to admit it's good to be back, especially with a new computer and the ability to do more with it than I could with Beast. Anyway, I've discovered that I do infact love the new jobs I've signed up for, mainly because they give me time to do my homework, as opposed to the dishroom which forces me to stand in basically one spot for hours on end. I stock shelves and so forth, as well as running the register in the marketplace. Both are latenight shifts, so there's not a lot to do except catch up on reading and do homework. Hooray!

I got the stupidest call from the stupidest drunk girl I've ever has the misfortune of talking to. So there I am, sleeping peacefully, when I'm torn from somnolence by the shrill ringing of my telephone. Some girl explains she found my name in the Gribley (our student listings at GAC) and saw I live in Milaca (much to my chagrin), and was wondering if I've ever been the the Milaca Unclaimed Freight or some stupid shit like that. I said no, and she's all "You mean to tell me...?" and shit. I respond to the rest of what she says with angry grunts, and then someone in the background says, "Well, maybe you woke him up." She asks if she did since it's three in the morning. My only response is, "It's three o'clock in the fucking morning!" She's all sorry and I hang up. It's times like those I wish I were a little ruder so I could hang up on idiots like that and not feel guilty about it. Oh well.

And now I'm starting to get more into the groove of being an eclectic Christian Buddhist with all my new books and stuff, and I just ordered some malas from the Tibetan Spirit. Very cool stuff here.

Anyway, back to finding the X TV series on Hotline, as well as other anime. I really need to get back into that groove outside of anime club, too. Jaa, mata!


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Hehe, entertaining blog - yeg five smiles from Denmark

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