Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Motivation to work

Being in flat out at work today brings to mind my philosophies of work

- If you want to work, sit down and wait until that passes
- Happy the student who as the river can follow his course without leaving his bed
- work is the opium of the people and I do not want to die doped
- If work is health,then I prefer to be sick
- It is to better mobilize its intelligence on conneries that to mobilize its connery on intelligent things
- work is a beautiful thing. Don't be egostical,leave it for your buddies
- work is for me the most crowned thing!!...... it is for that that I do not touch there!!!
- To work hard never killed anybody, but why take the risk?
- work is a disease, the proof, is that there is an occupational medicine!
- too Much paid for what I do, but not enough for what I need.
- the team work is essential. In the event of error, that makes it possible to someone else at fault
- It is human to error, but a true disaster requires a computer.
- the man is not made to work, the proof it is that that tires it.
- If your labour is hard, and if your results are insufficient, recall that one day the large oak was a nipple like you...

And after that is necessary that I find the motivation to work...


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