Monday, February 27, 2006

Hair of the Dog

Woke badly with the hair of the dog this morning!!!!

I do not know what he is our two invited brave men of yesterday evening but me since I rose (shamefully) to 12h22 (dixit my alarm clock) and well I have the head in cotton...

I do not know if they is the vapors of painting, the wine (really something inside in my opinion had there) or the ptit pushes coffee, or even tiredness, to even see can be the unit, but in any case today Sunday it is rest deserved well after an excellent evening or I like was always caught full with good compliments in the figure... lol...

Is necessary to say that all had started well, with my morbid awkwardness (Fox calls me "Suzane" in reference to the character of Suzane Mayer in desperate housewives) which accidentally enabled me to tear off carries it at the same time coat with a small end of wall (small I said)... What put my ptit husband of very bad mood... Fortunately that I could count on our two guests to support me (you speak... Marco... I would be avenged...)

Thank you Marco (lol private joke) and Jé. for this excellent evening...


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