Wednesday, September 06, 2006

really can't understand how people can do things like that. How people can say those kinds of things especially at this time?

"There's a war going on. Bad things happen."

I am obviously affected greatly about this issue.

Charles Graner said this during an interview. He was asked if he felt any remorse when he was accused of torturing the Iraqi prisoners. That's got to be the most disgusting thing, that comment. Especially after that holdup event a couple days ago, I often wonder where the world is heading to now. Even in your own neighborhood, you can't trust anyone. Everyday in the papers, it's about death or violence; whatever happened to love and respect for one another? It's like every strand of morality in this world is dissolving before us. I feel so disgusted; I weep for mankind. I can't quite put my finger on exactly what I want to say, but you'll know what I mean when you see this.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The end of the first week

Well, today is my first break from J-Term class and work. What a relief it is. The past week has been very difficult to get through in some senses, but I have to admit it's good to be back, especially with a new computer and the ability to do more with it than I could with Beast. Anyway, I've discovered that I do infact love the new jobs I've signed up for, mainly because they give me time to do my homework, as opposed to the dishroom which forces me to stand in basically one spot for hours on end. I stock shelves and so forth, as well as running the register in the marketplace. Both are latenight shifts, so there's not a lot to do except catch up on reading and do homework. Hooray!

I got the stupidest call from the stupidest drunk girl I've ever has the misfortune of talking to. So there I am, sleeping peacefully, when I'm torn from somnolence by the shrill ringing of my telephone. Some girl explains she found my name in the Gribley (our student listings at GAC) and saw I live in Milaca (much to my chagrin), and was wondering if I've ever been the the Milaca Unclaimed Freight or some stupid shit like that. I said no, and she's all "You mean to tell me...?" and shit. I respond to the rest of what she says with angry grunts, and then someone in the background says, "Well, maybe you woke him up." She asks if she did since it's three in the morning. My only response is, "It's three o'clock in the fucking morning!" She's all sorry and I hang up. It's times like those I wish I were a little ruder so I could hang up on idiots like that and not feel guilty about it. Oh well.

And now I'm starting to get more into the groove of being an eclectic Christian Buddhist with all my new books and stuff, and I just ordered some malas from the Tibetan Spirit. Very cool stuff here.

Anyway, back to finding the X TV series on Hotline, as well as other anime. I really need to get back into that groove outside of anime club, too. Jaa, mata!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Motivation to work

Being in flat out at work today brings to mind my philosophies of work

- If you want to work, sit down and wait until that passes
- Happy the student who as the river can follow his course without leaving his bed
- work is the opium of the people and I do not want to die doped
- If work is health,then I prefer to be sick
- It is to better mobilize its intelligence on conneries that to mobilize its connery on intelligent things
- work is a beautiful thing. Don't be egostical,leave it for your buddies
- work is for me the most crowned thing!!...... it is for that that I do not touch there!!!
- To work hard never killed anybody, but why take the risk?
- work is a disease, the proof, is that there is an occupational medicine!
- too Much paid for what I do, but not enough for what I need.
- the team work is essential. In the event of error, that makes it possible to someone else at fault
- It is human to error, but a true disaster requires a computer.
- the man is not made to work, the proof it is that that tires it.
- If your labour is hard, and if your results are insufficient, recall that one day the large oak was a nipple like you...

And after that is necessary that I find the motivation to work...

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

deaf person

He is worse deaf person only that which does not want to hear!
The Municipality does not want to hear it then I believe that one should not cease saying it. It is well nearly 500 residences which are envisaged in construction with Gignac and Laure including already 200 on the only ZAC of Pousaraque. The document which is taken of it is the Plan of Installation and Durable Development introduced by Mr. Mayor at Pagnol Space and voted by our Town council. I am here on this Blog responsible for the contents of my remarks and I assume the latter with a great serenity.

In addition, I affirm (official documents with the support) that our common lost 53 inhabitants between the last two censuses. I also affirm that our young people had to leave the common fault of being able to place itself there. I affirm still that it be now under the pressure of Mr. GAUDIN, who wishes to place his Marseilles families there, that Mr. FRIGANT accepted (with the help of a counterpart I imagine?) this massive urbanization which starts initially with the ZAC of Pousaraque.

But he is worse deaf person only that which does not want to hear...

Monday, February 27, 2006

Hair of the Dog

Woke badly with the hair of the dog this morning!!!!

I do not know what he is our two invited brave men of yesterday evening but me since I rose (shamefully) to 12h22 (dixit my alarm clock) and well I have the head in cotton...

I do not know if they is the vapors of painting, the wine (really something inside in my opinion had there) or the ptit pushes coffee, or even tiredness, to even see can be the unit, but in any case today Sunday it is rest deserved well after an excellent evening or I like was always caught full with good compliments in the figure... lol...

Is necessary to say that all had started well, with my morbid awkwardness (Fox calls me "Suzane" in reference to the character of Suzane Mayer in desperate housewives) which accidentally enabled me to tear off carries it at the same time coat with a small end of wall (small I said)... What put my ptit husband of very bad mood... Fortunately that I could count on our two guests to support me (you speak... Marco... I would be avenged...)

Thank you Marco (lol private joke) and Jé. for this excellent evening...

Cleaning the Atic

I seek to disencumber me of certain objects which encumber my attic ( game of bowls, radio cassette, coffee machine, curtain rod, domestic iron, valves and fittings of bath-tub, storage unit for bathroom). I put them on sale on Ebay but I am ready to make a true reduced price (to even give them) if you are interested!

Monday, February 20, 2006

Sexy Car

Dad and I were chillin in the bar at the Stonehouse last night, good times. Hehe, he had a bit of an issue with the phone calls last bad. Schmea, it's not like it cost anything. I never cease to amaze my father with my mad ability to talk on the phone for hours at a time. :D Go me. Superstar! So yea, then he let me drive the *Solara* THAT is one big tits round ass sexy car, lemmie tell ya. He has not let me touch that beast since he bought it - it was a moment in father daughter bonding. Awwwww.....Nat got to drive the car, how.......sweet? Yes, that's what it was...It was Sweet!

Thursday, February 16, 2006


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